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sked24 features

We improve occupancy and unify the scheduling systems of your health center

We are the best scheduling system for large medical centers, clinics and hospitals.

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Funcionalidades de sked24

Mejoramos la ocupación y unificamos los sistemas de agendamiento de tu centro de salud

Somos el mejor sistema de agendamiento para grandes centros médicos, clínicas y hospitales.

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Reproducir video acerca de sked24-video

Base Functionalities

Base Functionalities

Incorporate Sked24 into your health center and achieve exceptional performance with our set of base functionalities that allow you to maximize revenue and service occupancy.


Unified agenda

Manage the agendas of all services from a centralized system: medical specialties, laboratory, imaging, kinesiology, telemedicine (with online consultation platform included), among others.

Prevent scheduling conflicts with professionals who work across multiple services and optimize resource utilization to enhance operational efficiency


Configurable appointments

Configure appointment creation to suit your needs and the different types of medical care, offering maximum flexibility, customization, and efficiency:

  • Appointment Types: Schedule appointments for initial consultations, follow-ups, prescription pickups, medication deliveries, and more.

  • Easily manage holidays, schedules, unforeseen events, and staff vacations for each service.

  • Manage overflows in a programmed manner using different modalities: fixed or flexible.

  • Quickly and flexibly double your capacity with the agenda duplication option, according to your requirements.

Basic rules engine

Manage a rules engine to enhance appointment assignment and scheduling according to your specific requirements:

  • Define appointment access based on patient diagnosis, gender, and age.

  • Store and send exams and procedures preparations and notifications through all channels in a standard way (web, call center, reception).

  • Configure rules by center, service, and scheduling channel.

Patient segmentation

Create patient segmentations based on the criteria that best suit your commercial strategy.

  • Create patient segments in a personalized and flexible way.

  • Segment patients based on demographic characteristics.

  • Prioritize patients based on their healthcare needs, affiliation with your institution, and other factors.

  • Offer tailored services and appointments to defined segments by creating filters by center, channel, day, time, and more.

Advanced features

Advanced features

Based on the needs of your business, incorporate our advanced functionalities that will allow you to manage your business at a higher standard.


Diagnostic pack

Improve the scheduling process for services such as imaging, procedures, laboratory, and any other service that requires a more specialized management:

  • Availability management for multiple resources, such as technologists, equipment, physicians, dentists, and more.

  • Multiple appointments such as preventive examination, breast ultrasound and mammography.

  • Subservices functionality to automate the scheduling of multiple exams or procedures and ensure accurate service scheduling, preparations delivery, and minimize errors (e.g., incorrect preparations or unsuitable patients for certain services).

  • Task manager for reviewing medical orders and tracking patients who had exams/procedures indicated.

Care plans

Schedule your patients’ appointments with long-term treatments, preventive plans and/or care plans in advance, in a coordinated and automated manner.

  • Create standard care plans to assign patients treatments according to your availability and their needs

  • Configure care plans according to recurrence, days, times, center, type of care, and other relevant criteria.

Payment gateway

With the payment gateway, we not only provide a more fluid experience for patients where they can make payments, but we also drastically reduce patient “no shows” by leaving their appointments paid at the time of scheduling.



Engage with your patients throughout their scheduling journey and provide support for their necessary exams, whether digitally or through your team’s assistance. With this suite of advanced features, you can:

  • Store and send preparation instructions for each healthcare service to patients to ensure they don’t miss appointments.

  • Monitor appointment statuses online: scheduled, confirmed, attended, etc.

  • Confirm appointments with patients through different channels: email, IVR, WhatsApp.

  • Offer a «Waiting List» for patients who cannot find available slots, but are interested in receiving information when an appointment is canceled.

  • Manage medical orders through «Order Management» for traceability and follow-up on patients with clinical orders.

Advanced rules

Optimize the occupancy of all the services of your health center to the maximum capacity with an advanced rules engine that allows you to implement the commercial and operational rules of your choice:

  • Configuration of maximum and/or minimum appointments: define the maximum and minimum number of appointments for each resource (professionals, equipment, rooms, etc.) based on configurable parameters such as patient age, health diagnosis, and others.

  • Calculated Rules: parameterize your rules not only by nominal values but also as a percentage of available appointments.

  • Rigid and flexible rules: depending on the occupancy of the professional or team, designate which rules are rigid and which are flexible, ensuring adherence to your business rules without compromising the schedule of professionals/teams.

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