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Sked24 is a cloud based platform designed for any type of health care provider in the medical industry. Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you manage multiple resources and optimize the usage of existing ones. From medical equipment to employees and patient scheduling, you will have everything you need to take full control of your facility and increase efficiency. We deliver the patients, you can focus on your core tasks.

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Smart appointment scheduling

 Say goodbye to time lost capacities! Doctors will have a minimum to none free time slots, and thus making your institution work more efficient.

Fully automated reminders

Be sure patients always show up. Send them confirmations and reminders via mobile and email, so that they can easily respond.

Multiple services for patients

Coordinate multiple services for patients so that they will know which doctors to see and where to find them within their visits.

Fast appointment for patients

Skip the long and difficult appointment process! Your patients will easily book appointments online, via desktop or mobile, 24/7.

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Sked24 is designed for different user groups from patients to medical staff and management. Our new features are built based on our experience in the medical industry and on constant consulting with our customers.

Multi-Channel Support

The appointment solution considers different schedulling channels, such as web, mobile apps, reception and call center. This way, your patients and your personal will be connected and be at each others’ disposal every time they need.

Responsive Patient Portal

Anytime, anywhere, any device. Your patients can book, confirm or cancel appointments online. The portal will be personalized with the logo of your company, as well as every confirmation and reminder that patients receive, in their own language, thanks to the multi-language support.

Never Lose an Opportunity

With our automated reminder notifications, patients won’t miss their appointments. Also, they can confirm or cancel appointments through one click, directly from the messages they receive. With our multi-language support, patients may choose to receive translated messages in their own language.

Opportunity Management

Convert each medical order into an opportunity! Each potential patient is a reason for your medical business to grow. With our opportunity manager, you can generate waitlists for patients if they don’t find suitable appointments and even schedule reminders for recurring services and examinations.

Care Plans

The solution allows you to create care plans of any complexity for different scopes. You can organize resources and services in a care plan and generate all needed appointments automatically. You can create custom plans for each patient or use predefined plans priory uploaded to the system.

Exam Preparation

Communicate crucial information and exam preparations during the booking process, so that your patients will know exactly how to prepare for their examinations. Choose which information is a must show before booking and which will be sent via email or mobile notification.

Multi-Location Support

Does your clinic have multiple locations? Sked24 will know the difference. The platform centers in different locations with different service offering and automatically displays available appointments in nearby centers as alternatives with georeferencing.

Multi-Resource Support

 Many services require multiple resources. Group the resources needed for performing a service in one appointment. You can easily create blueprints for resource type combinations to make the process of creating a multi resource appointment faster. 

Become Mobile

Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone. That is why we have developed mobile apps for Android and iOS, allowing your patients to book appointments, receive notifications and read information about your clinic and its specialists, in their own language.

Reports and BI

The administration area of the platform offers you a centralized view of the entire activity. You can download personalized reports for any periods of time and connect to your data sources with one click. The platform allows you to analyse the efficiency of your processes (time between a patient checks in and finishes treatment).

Business Rules

The solution allows you to define your service offering down to the minute. You can choose how, when and by which channels patients can book your services. Using prioritization rules for resources and patients in combination with our rule engine gives you virtually any flexibility. You can also manage group appointments, restrict services by insurer and define holiday calendars.

API Integration Provided

Are you already using a HIS platform within your clinic? We will help you integrate your on premise solution with our 2-way data sync functionality. Our cloud based platform supports open and standardized access protocols (REST / ODATA) and virtually supports any type of protocol through a message broker. This way, you will be able to manage the entire data from one place.

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We are an international team of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in healthcare and software development united by a common vision: to make work easier for medical providers all around the globe. Since we respect and appreciate the work of every doctor, we have developed a solution exactly the way we would have used.We love the way people are engaged through technology. That is why we built the right tools in order to connect every doctor and patient in an easy way. Our technology is built in a way that anyone, anywhere, can skip the line and make an appointment right away.

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